Why We List Private Engagements

Question: If the performance is a private one, why is it listed on the Tour Dates page?

Answer: Sometimes when the band has booked a performance far from their home base of Nashville, there may be adjacent dates that aren't yet booked. Naturally, as you might think, the band would like to maximize the number of shows they do when a long trip is required.

That's where you, the Loving Public, come in! If you notice that there's open dates near an existing performance, and you happen to know a good venue within a few hours' drive of that city, we encourage you to contact the venue and/or Webb's booking agent about it. Click here to get in touch with the right people.

Actually, this kind of collaboration is helpful whether the gig is far from Nashville or not.Sometimes, a little fan interest goes a long way toward booking "companion" gigs.

With your help, we can maximize the amount of 'rockin done per mile accumulated on the Econoline. Thanks a lot for your assistance and consideration!

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